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Mobile bridge saw with monolithic structure and 3 axes, robust and easy to install, ideal for short and medium series jobs in small workshops and industrial facilities. X/Y axis movement on slideways with ball-bearing guide blocks protected by bellows.
Standard version complete with easy-to-use PLC programming for single and multiple cuts, stepped cuts and straight capitals.
Head rotation through 0° / 90°, manual tilting from 0° to 90°, blade diameter 500 mm.
The worktable rotating manually and with hydraulic tilting allows off-square cuts to be made and slabs to be loaded.
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Straight and curved capital processing with cutting blade
Cut grid
zoom in
zoom in
Head rotation 0/90°
Manual tilting  head from 0° to 90°
Rotating worktable
Hydaulic tilting worktable
Easy to load, inload, 
transport and install
x=mm   mm 3600
Kw-Hp 5,5 - 7,5 / 7,5 - 10
Ø=mm  500
y=mm   mm 1900
g/min  RPM 1400-2800
Ø=mm  i 50
z=mm   mm  290
0° / 90°
Kg  3500
a=mm b=mm 3500x1800
0° / 90°
mm 5600x2350x2300
Head rotation 0°/ 90°
Manual tilting head from 0° to 90°
Straight and curved capital processing with cutting blade
Cut grid
Rotating  worktable
Hydraulic tilting worktable

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